Repetitive & Impolite

Issue 4 // 2017 // feature editor Diana Seo Hyung Lee

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  1. Call for Projects

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Call for Projects

For our fourth issue, the editors of The Forgetory call upon writers and artists to respond to the theme “Repetitive and Impolite.”

Susan Sontag used these words to describe the creative faculty of mystic and radical philosopher Simone Weil in her eponymous essay:

“The culture-heroes of our liberal bourgeois civilization…are writers who are repetitive, obsessive, and impolite, who impress by force— not simply by their tone of personal authority and by their intellectual ardor, but by the sense of acute personal and intellectual extremity… Ours is an age which consciously pursues health, and yet only believes in the reality of sickness. The truths we respect are those born of affliction.”

Though written over fifty years ago, Sontag’s words bear force and urgency in our current time. We would like for proposals to consider the theme in an expansive way, not only directly relating to Sontag’s words in regards to our cultural heroes, but also in the exploration of the semantic space between the words “repetitive” and “impolite.” Though Weil was deemed by Sontag as “one of the most uncompromising and troubling witnesses to the modern travail of the spirit,” we would like for proposals to go beyond her writing to the relationship of repetition and impoliteness in any form. 

Any rhythmic or ritualistic act may lose its true intention over time through unexamined repetition. Sometimes rogue acts of history, absent of new meaning, tirelessly repeat. From the regressive demands of zealous bewigged politicians to the vapid tropes of advertisements, and from cultural memory to personal ritual, we will look deeply at those things that keep coming back to us asking to be fully seen.

Please send proposals to